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Exterior Renovation Broadwater Sussex


Victorian House Broadwater - In Need of Exterior Decorating


As you can see from the photo this traditional Victorian home in Broadwater West Sussex had not been decorated for a number of years. The clients were keen to keep the original features such as the windows, doors, and balcony and restore the house to its original spender.

External Refurbisment and Decorating


Victorian Bay Windows & Balcony - In Need of Refurbishment


This traditional Victorian home featuring a bay fronted window and first floor balcony had not been painted for a number of years, the paint was cracked and flaking off exposing the unprotected timber to the elements. The top and bottom bay windows were to be completely overhauled and stripped back to the bare natural wood. Parts of the balcony also needed to be repaired before we could re-decorate.

Refurbished Sliding Sash Window


Victorian Sliding Sash Window - Refurbished & Painted


The photo of this traditional Victorian sliding sash window to the side of the Broadwater property above can be seen here after a total overhaul involving paint stripping, minor timber repairs and servicing to ensure the window operates freely. The timber was then treated with fungicide and the Dulux Weather Shield System 3 was used. The timber window was finished in high gloss white and the stone window sill was finished in high gloss black.

Goring Exterior Painter Decorator


Pebble Dashed 1950's Family Home Goring West Sussex


The back of this typical 1950's dwelling in Goring West Sussex has pebble dashed walls and metal Crittal windows with timber sub frames, this property had not been decorated for over a decade and was in need of a complete overhaul, We started by removing the lose and flaky paint and washed down the pebble dashing, the windows and French Doors were serviced to ensure smooth operation before repainting the gloss work and masonry.


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House Refurbishment Goring Sussex


Side View 1950's House Refurbishment Goring West Sussex


The pebble dashed masonry was refinished with SandTex Smooth-Tex magnolia paint, three coats were applied as the property is close to the sea. The Dulux Weather Liquid Gloss was used abd finished in high gloss white with black gloss thresholds, the tilled window sill was painted with red brick tile paint. The external decoration of this property took three weeks to complete and the internal decoration has been provisionally booked when the current tenants move out.

Durrington External Refurbishment & Decoration


Front Elevation 1960's Residential Semi-Detached House Durrington Pre-Refurbishment


This typical 1960 semi required only cosmetic attention, our client had recently moved in and was keen to keep the property in good order, because the property had been regularly maintained, prep-work and repainting gloss work was kept to a minimum saving our client time and money.


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Durrington Refurbishment


Front Elevation 1960's Semi-Detached House Durrington Refurbished


As you can now see from the photo refurbishment is now complete, all wood-work was painted with Dulux Weather Shield System finished in high gloss brilliant white, Guttering and down pipes were finished with Dulux Weather Shield high gloss black. The hanging tiles were painted with red brick tile paint.

Wood Stained Front Door


Wood Stained Front Door & High Gloss Woodwork


The front door was prepped and received three coats of Sadolin Wood Stain, the remaining wood work around the doors, window and porch was finished with high gloss pure brilliant white using the Dulux Weather Shield System 3, the threshold was finished in high gloss black.


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Commercial Painting & Decorating


Factory Unit Worthing Pre-Refurbishment


This small factory unit on East Worthing Industrial Estate is a typical 1970's industrial unit that was in need of a complete redecoration prior to being re-fitted.

Large Commercial Renovation


Large Industrial Unit Worthing Business Park


As you can see from the photo we have completed a total refurbishment of this industrial unit on Worthing's Business Park. The brickwork and other masonry were painted with the Dulux Trade Paint System, the RSJ roof joists were refinished high gloss black with Hammerite Smooth, the ceilings painted with Dulux Trade Matt Emulsion, All woodwork undercoated and finished with Dulux Trade High Gloss white paint, and the floor was coated with Johnsons non-slip floor paint in grey.


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Commercial Decorating & Painting Worthing


Re-Painted Commercial Office Entrance Worthing Business Park


This is the completed entrance to the refurbished factory unit in East Worthing, Dulux Trade Paint was used and the walls and ceiling received white gloss emulsion, while the wood work was finished with high gloss white with black gloss skirting boards.

Commercial Decorating & Painting Worthing


Commercial Property Renovation Worthing


This is the main entrance to this small factory unit in East Worthing, as you can see in the photo the walls have been finished with white Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk Emulsion paint as have the ceilings, all wood work prepped and washed down before being finished with Dulux Trade undercoat and high gloss white with gloss black skirting.


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Completed Factory Refurb Worthing


Complete Refurbished Factory Floor in Sussex


The completed refurb of this factory floor in West Sussex. All walls and ceiling finished in Dulux Trade emulsion, and the floor was coated with grey Johnsons non-slip floor paint.

Decorated Factory Unit Sussex


Fully Refurbished Unit East Worthing


This refurbishment was finished with Dulux Trade emulsion to the walls and ceiling, the RSJ iron work was finished in blue Hammerite, the fire exit door was also finished with high gloss blue, and the floor finished with Johnsons non-slip floor paint in grey.


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